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Customization details guide 


Different types of packages:

  Italian: Italian is the narrowest and most traditional of collars. Versatile, but with a more formal feel, it is perfect when combined with small and medium tie knots.

 French: Of all the collars available, the French is the one with the shortest and most open points. Synonymous with contemporary refinement, its extreme breadth leaves a part of the collar strip visible under the tie, making it less appropriate for more formal and traditional work contexts.

French seeds: You don't have a specific need, but want something with a modern and elegant design? The semi-French collar is an excellent alternative. Not too big, not too tight, and with a structure that harmonizes well with most proportions, this collar is a happy medium.

Button-down: Less formal than other collars, the button-down collar was created in the United States in the mid-1950s. Originally used only for sportswear, it is now an expression of a more casual style, but also suitable for young or informal business looks.

Lead 3: Exclusive and surprisingly versatile. The lead collar 3 is a small neck better suited to men with an elongated rather than round face, and goes well with thin ties or worn open.

Korean: Collar with a unique and recognizable shape. Its versatility makes it suitable for both the most elegant and the most informal situations.

Diplomatic: Collar suitable for particularly formal and elegant occasions, such as ceremonies and gala evenings.



Different types of cuffs:

Blunt: More common cuff for a versatile shirt, which can be associated with a classic collar.

Round: Very versatile cuff, although basically informal, it is also suitable for the most important occasions.

Rectangular: Particularly suitable for shirts for every day, also for casual and sports shirts.

Normal Twin: Square cuff to be completed with cufflinks. Recommended for more formal and elegant occasions.

Cufflink with Cuff: Classic design double cuff to be completed with cufflinks. Recommended for more formal and elegant occasions.


Different types of cannon:

Internal: The absence of the placket is suitable for the most elegant shirts but can also be used for casual shirts.

Wanded: The visible placket is suitable for more sporty and informal shirts.

Covered: Suitable choice for tuxedo shirts.





Slim Fit: for those who follow fashion and love a tight-fitting shirt. Or for those who are particularly thin and do not want to have excess fabric on.

Regular Fit: a standard fit, for those who love a more comfortable shirt or one that does not accentuate the shapes of their body.



Mother of pearl buttons: The ultimate in elegance. Buttons in natural white mother of pearl, ideal for enhancing your tailored shirt.